Raising the Bar: Decoding the Evolution of home bars in India

Raising the Bar: Decoding the Evolution of home bars in India

Socialising today is an inescapable phenomenon; everybody wants to drink better and in an exemplary fashion. Come Wednesday, our calendars are blocked for Friday dinners, Saturday nights, and Sunday brunches.

Cafes, bars, and pubs are booked with long waiting lines. But many working professionals also love hosting friends and family in the comfort of their homes, especially in metros. And this is not just restricted to the weekends, none of us would say no to having some friends over during a live sports match, would we?

This cultural transformation into a lifestyle that involves time and space for leisure and relaxation has led to an increased awareness of drinking in society. Of course, there are days we relish a chilled beer and movie after a tiring day at work, but there are also days we crave a goblet of wine and some cheese on the side! And there comes a weekend when we play host, making sumptuous Scotch whiskey cocktails for our colleagues standing behind our home bar.

Yes, this let’s-sit-back-and-relax-with-a-glass-of-our-favourite-drink, is no longer restricted to clubs and bars. All thanks to the pandemic; the alcohol bottles that were locked in wooden cupboards, found their way to the dining area and then to fancy home bars. Home bar – a place where we can enjoy me-time with a book, host guests, and have cozy date nights.

"Indians have traditionally loved hosting guests at home. There was a time when we were asked to design cupboards in the bedroom away from the sight of the family, but not anymore. We are now being asked to design these technologically equipped bars in the dining area or in the living room that can hold a house party within themselves,” says Tanvi Patni, an interior designer based out of Indore.

“And these bars are not just loaded with alcohols of different tastes but an array of glassware, each styled for a certain drink.”

While the concept of home bars may have originated from Western influences, we have embraced the opportunity to curate a collection of spirits, wines, and cocktail mixers. Optimising the experience is the unique glassware that a bar enthusiast like us takes pride in. Some emphasize the spirit, while others are designed for cocktails, neat pours, and more.

From antique-inspired brass beer glasses to old-fashioned scotch whiskey glasses, the options available are unique, and diverse, often reflecting the diverse cultural tapestry.

“To ensure that you are investing in the best bar glassware for your home bar, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind,” says Ayush Gupta, our founder, who has been in the industry of handcrafting glassware for the past 25 years.

Depending on what we intend to serve, one needs to evaluate the capacity, design, and warranty.

“It’s always a good idea to have a variety of stemware for your wine collection because wine flies when you are having fun!“ suggests Ayush. However, if you can’t smell the wine you are drinking, you are missing out. “Hence, our wine goblets have a generous bowl,” he says.

A classic, old-fashioned whiskey glass is another adornment for a stylish home bar. And not just that, the exquisitely heavy glassware flatters the hand and pampers the palate with pure whiskey - the richness of flavors unfolds here by itself.

However, if you are one of those casual drinkers who love to celebrate the little moments, a champagne flute is a must-have for your bar.

So now, it’s time to say cheers and ring in the good times with your favorite cocktail, juice, or adult beverage.

Do not forget to create a well-designed space and transform your home bar into a unique entertainment spot.

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