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AQUA AAB Water Tumbler Persian Motif Blue in Set of 4

AQUA AAB Water Tumbler Persian Motif Blue in Set of 4

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Product details 

Each sip is a vibrant burst of celebration and life! Designed with precision by our accomplished in-house artisans, this glassware draws inspiration from Persian art. An elegant rendition of the seasons of life, in which you can relish refreshing juices, zesty summer cocktails, and sometimes even flavourful mocktails.  

Available in a set of four, these Persian Motif glasses are perfectly suited for spontaneous gatherings with friends, formal occasions, or everyday usage as well.  

    Design and Art 

    Suitable for: Aqua Abba Collection, a perfect accompaniment for a connoisseur. Those who appreciate art, socialize, and delight in bestowing exclusive treasures upon their beloved guests find this glassware to convey a love language that resonates deeply. It also helps in curating an environment of unmatched elegance for personal indulgence.  

    Embrace the elegance of the seasons of life with these glasses, perfect for relishing refreshing juices, zesty summer cocktails, and flavorful mocktails. The set of four Persian Motif glasses is an ideal choice for spontaneous gatherings, formal occasions, or everyday use. 

    Complemented by a flat base, and adorned with dazzling diamond-shaped patterns on the rim, these water tumblers have a magnificent 24-carat gold motif at the centre. The motif is crafted with intricate details of swirls, leaves, and flowers, emanating a sense of richness.  

    The tall shape and broad rim facilitate a gentle, ample space for the drink to interact with your palate, highlighting the texture and enveloping your senses in a delightful indulgence.   

    Dimension and care 

    Dimensions: 10.6 cm X 8 cm 

    Weight (approx): 250 grams(approx) per pc 

    How to care: Handwashing is Key! To preserve the intricate details and 24-carat gold motif, we recommend handwashing these glasses with a mild detergent. Use a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning to ensure that the delicate patterns and gold accents remain in pristine condition. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials that may compromise the beauty of the design. Avoid exposing the glasses to sudden temperature changes, such as placing them directly from hot to cold or vice versa.  After washing, carefully dry the glasses with a soft, lint-free cloth. When not in use, store the glasses in a secure and stable location. Consider using soft padding or cloth between each glass to prevent any potential scratching or chipping. Periodically inspect the glasses for any signs of wear or damage. 

    Scrubbing on the inner and outer surfaces should be avoided.   

    Handwash with mild detergents for proper cleaning.  

    Dry with a soft microfibre cloth.  

    Do not wash them in the dishwasher. Keep them away from the microwave.   

    More Information:

    Q1: Can these glasses be used for hot beverages? 

    A: These glasses are specifically designed for cold beverages, so we recommend avoiding exposing them to extreme temperatures. 

    Q2: Can I put these glasses in the dishwasher? 

    A: Dishwashing may compromise the integrity of the design. It is advised to handwash this glassware to ensure the longevity of the delicate patterns and gold accents.  

    Q3: Are these glasses suitable for everyday use? 

    A: Yes, they are suitable for everyday use, spontaneous gatherings, and formal occasions. 

    Q4: Can I use these glasses outdoors? 

    A: While designed for indoor use, they can enhance outdoor events. Handle with care to prevent damage and abrasion.  

    Q5: Are replacements available for damaged glasses? 

    A: We do offer replacements if you have received a damaged product. Please contact our customer service with details, and we will assist you promptly. 

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