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Champagne Flute Roman Band in Matt Gold Set Of 2

Champagne Flute Roman Band in Matt Gold Set Of 2

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Product details 

Decorati's Champagne Glasses is a prime example of an infusion of artistic expression and skilled workmanship.   

We have these exquisite Champagne Flutes decorated with Roman Band in stunning matt gold and red-brown color variants. Handcrafted by our in-house team of skilled artists, these are perfect for sipping sparkling wine in style. Each item is embellished with a 24-carat gold rim, giving it an exquisite shine that will make any celebration more memorable.    

Suitable for  

Make your celebrations extraordinary by serving wine in these beautifully designed Matt Gold and Red Brown champagne glasses with Roman Band. Champagne Flute adds a touch of elegance to your gatherings and influences you with its exquisite features.   

Weddings and Receptions: Enhance the visual allure of your wedding or reception by adorning your table settings with Decorati’s graceful champagne flutes. 

Gifting: Present this goblet as a thoughtful and luxurious gift to those who appreciate class and style.  

Hotel Dining: Decorati's glasses help create a long-lasting impression on anyone who appreciates beauty. A deck of luxury is added to the hotels and restaurants with Decorati's glasses.   

These items create a spectacular display glass bar cabinet. The design of the Champagne Flute Roman Band in Matt Gold and Red Brown strips exhibits a remarkable use in various settings, which demands an exquisite experience.   

    Design and Art 

    The 'Filigree' design inspires the glass to achieve a highly decorative and ethereal appearance. Contemporary filigree artists often amalgamate conventional methodologies with modern aesthetics.  

    The Champagne Flutes Roman Band uniquely blends classic Roman style with modern beauty. The Roman Band at the rim of the glass is carefully hand-cut on a diamond wheel to ensure the design's integrity and appearance. Each Champagne flute is a work of exclusive art that is unique and striking.   

    With its glow, the Matte Gold version provides an unmatched golden look to your table settings. Its rich finish catches the light and creates a display of reflections that enhances the color of the champagne. The Red Brown version offers a rich and luxurious outlook to your home and hotel decor. The red-brown champagne flute is one of the most appealing glassware, with a unique combination of color and design.   

    Whether you are commemorating a momentous occasion or simply savoring the pleasures of life, a sip from these impeccable champagne flutes gives a sentimental touch to the extraordinary moments of life, creating memories that will forever reside in your heart.   

    Dimension and care 

    Material: Glass/Crystalline  

    Dimensions: 23 cm X 3.4 cm  

    Weight (approx): 150 grams(approx) per PC

    How to Care 

    For proper cleaning, instead of scrubbing, wash the glasses with your hands gently by using mild detergent.   

    Use a soft microfibre cloth to dry it instantly. Avoid rough towels.   

    Do not put this glassware in a dishwasher or microwave.   

    The champagne flutes are sensitive to harsh chemicals. Avoid abrasive cleaners.   

    More Information:

    1. What makes Filigree's design so unique?  

    The filigree design is an ancient art (5000 years ago) used in jewelry making. The art traces back to the Roman Era and is eminently used in ornamental work.   

    2. What are the luxurious features of your glassware?

    The luxurious feature of Decorati's glassware includes its diamond-cut design adorned with the 24-carat gold Roman band on the rim.   

    3. What is an ideal way to wash this glassware?  

    Hand-wash with mild detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly to get rid of any detergent that might affect the wine's flavor. Dry this glassware with a soft towel before placing it back. It should never be washed in a dishwasher.  

    4. How to remove stains from glassware if they occur? 

    It's easy to remove stains from the Decorati's glassware. Wash with warm water and mild detergent. This helps in removing the stains.   

    5. Why should you purchase this glassware?  

    Every Decorati product has its own unique design and story to tell. You can buy our products for your personal use or gift to someone with exquisite taste. These are perfect for special events such as weddings, personal gatherings, or even date nights.   

    6. In how many days does my order get dispatched?  

    Your order gets dispatched in 1 day as we keep all our products in ready-to-dispatch condition to ensure quick delivery.  

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