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High Ball Water Tumbler Floral Motif Set Of 4

High Ball Water Tumbler Floral Motif Set Of 4

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Product details 

The High Ball Water Tumblers with a Floral Motif exude an opulent drinking experience. You'll proudly display these exquisitely handcrafted water glasses adorned with intricate floral patterns and a 24-carat gold band encircling the top rim. Each glass in this set boasts a Persian-inspired floral motif meticulously designed by our highly skilled creative artisans. The High Ball Water Tumbler Floral Motif Set of 4 shimmers like precious diamonds, refracting light to create an exquisite visual spectacle. The glass walls and base of the highball water tumblers, embellished with floral motifs, ensure that your beverage remains as it was intended. Explore our collection featuring High Ball Water Tumblers in a Floral Motif Set.

Suitable For 

Elevate your celebrations to a new level with the thoughtfully crafted elegance of our Water Tumbler Set adorned with Elegant Floral Motifs. The beauty of our Water Tumbler Set with Elegant Floral Motifs makes it an elegant choice for personal use or a thoughtfully curated gift for someone who truly values art. 

Restaurants and Hotels – The classy design of our Water Tumbler Set with Elegant Floral Motifs is a perfect way to make a statement and complement an exquisite ambiance. Owing to the high-quality material, these glasses are well suited for hotels and restaurants because of their durability.   

Personal or Corporate gifts - Our Water Tumbler Set with Elegant Floral Motifs conveys an aura of elegance and vintage wealth. It not only adds a deck of luxury to your collection but, if carefully handled, can be a perfect addition to your hands-down heirloom.     

It is also an ideal choice for corporate gifts as you can purchase our glassware in bulk. We understand the importance of preferences and tastes and, therefore, offer the flexibility of customized designs.

    Design and Art 

    The High Ball Water Tumbler Collection with Floral Design truly defines the craftsmanship and artistic brilliance of Decorati’s artisans. Each glass in this set is skilfully crafted on a diamond wheel and displays a Persian-styled floral motif engraved in 24-carat gold. 

    The floral motif that graces the glass's surface draws inspiration from Persian culture, with petal and leaf patterns crafting a visually stunning and captivating design. Our talented artisans have poured their expertise and passion into curating these floral motifs, ensuring that each glass elevates your drinking experience. The motifs are strategically positioned at the centre, further enhancing the High Ball Water Tumbler's aesthetic appeal. These Water Tumbler Set with Elegant Floral Motifs glitters like diamonds presenting an elegant view. 

    What we deliver to you is our top-notch quality products that are designed to last long.  

    Dimension and care 

    Material: Glass/Crystalline  

    Dimensions: 14.4 cm X 6.5 cm   

    Weight (approx): 195 grams(approx) per pc  

    How to Care  

    Do not scrub. Instead, hand wash with mild detergents for proper cleaning.  

    Dry or clean post-wash with a soft microfibre cloth.  

    Do not put them in a dishwasher. Keep away from the microwave.  

    More Information:

    1. What makes these highball water tumblers so unique?  

    The High Ball glass is meticulously carved and embellished with full-bloom royal Persian designs in 24-carat gold, making it a statement piece for any occasion. The stunning design of these glasses and the usage of 24-carat gold for the floral designs set them apart from any other product.  

    2. Is this glassware suitable only for special occasions?  

    These highball glasses are suitable for regular use. Their elegant design makes them an outstanding choice for parties and other occasions. These highball glasses seamlessly integrate luxury and art, making them appropriate for special occasions, formal dinner parties, and informal get-togethers.  

    3. Are Decorati products suitable for luxurious hotels and high-end dining settings?  

    Our glassware is ideal for luxurious hotels and high-end dining settings owing to its effortless elegance and long-lasting quality. Our glassware is made of high-quality glass materials, and it may be personalized to fit the style of any fine dining establishment. Whether you're looking for something to serve drinks in or add to your table's ambiance, you can be sure that our glassware will meet your expectations.  

    4. Can the design band on your glass be felt by touch?  

    The motif and floral design are printed so that you can feel it on the touch.  

    5. Are you offering a few sample pieces for those who are looking for corporate gifting or bulk purchases?  

    Yes, we offer sample pieces before bulk purchases to ensure customer satisfaction.  

    6. Can broken glassware be returned or replaced?  

    If you have received a broken product, our team will work with you to check if it qualifies for a replacement.   

    7. How can I track my order?  

    Once your order is placed successfully, you will get a message on your registered mobile number. Our logistics partner team will contact you for timely updates regarding your order. 

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