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Scotch Whiskey Glass Roman Band available in Matt Gold Set of 4

Scotch Whiskey Glass Roman Band available in Matt Gold Set of 4

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Product details 

Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses crafted with 24-carat gold Roman Band come in two stunning variables - Matt Gold & Red Brown. The intricate diamond wheel cuts and the detailing in the design come together to create an exquisite drinking experience. Indulge in sophistication with our Elegant Matt Gold Whiskey Glass Set of 4 – a perfect blend of style and refinement for your enjoyment.

Decorati’s set of 4 Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into creating them. It's like holding a piece of history in your hand, every time you raise your glass. Elevate your sipping experience with our exquisite Classic Gold Scotch Whiskey Tumbler Set – timeless elegance for connoisseurs


Suitable For 

  • Decorati's glasses look elegant in hotel bars and restaurants.  
  • Classic gold Scotch Whiskey glasses are a unique and thoughtful gift.  
  • Elegant Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses are a perfect combination of art and long-lasting quality that will find a perfect place in the collection of heritage pieces for generations to come.  

    Design and Art 

    The Scotch Whisky Glass by Decorati may be regarded as a masterpiece, exemplifying a harmonious amalgamation of enduring designs with contemporary aesthetics. The product is designed in a cylindrical, thoughtfully crafted shape to optimize your sensory perception.    

    Inspired by Roman art, our Scotch Whiskey Glass Set comes with a heavy base made of high-quality glass. This heavy base along with the thick walls make Decorati’s glasses perfect for enjoying whisky with a touch of ice or water or even neat. 

    The Elegant Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses by Decorati aims to create a perfect balance of beauty and usefulness. It is designed in a way that allows it to hold an adequate quantity of whiskey and fit snugly in your hand. It gives you enough space to take the aroma of the beverage and have a smooth experience while sipping from it. These glasses have a 24-carat gold ring engraved, which gives them an elegant aesthetic feel.    

    Dimension and care 

    Material: Glass/Crystalline  

    Dimensions: 10.6 cm X 8 cm   

    Weight (approx): 250 grams(approx) per pc     

    How to Care  

    Scrubbing is not advised for cleaning this glassware.  

    It is recommended that the glasses should be washed with hands.  

    Clean gently with mild detergent and wipe with microfiber to dry.   

    Refrain from putting Decorati's old-fashioned in a dishwasher or microwave.  

    More Information:

    1. Why are these "old-fashioned" glasses special?  

    It is named after a famous cocktail served in it known as an old-fashioned cocktail. It is also known as rocks glass or lowball. Decorati glasses are special because they not only come in 24-carat gold engraving, but the designs are intricately cut on a diamond wheel, making them one of the finest lifestyle products in India.  

    2. What beverages are well-suited with old-fashioned glasses?  

    In these short tumblers, scotch/whisky is served the best. However, it is completely fine to go with any cocktail or mocktail of your choice. These exquisite glasses are sure to add class to anything you choose to serve in them. 

    3. Why should I buy luxurious glasses?  

    Luxurious glasses add to the aesthetics of any table setting. Superior craftsmanship, quality, and unique design makes our glasses are well-suited to elevate any dining experience.  

    The high-quality material used in this glassware makes it durable. It is perfect for a personal collection that you may pass on as a hands-down gift for generations to come. These glasses are also well-suited for high-end restaurants and hotels. You may also gift them to someone you believe will appreciate this intricate piece of art.  

    We offer bulk orders and corporate gifting solutions. If you are looking for customization, feel free to get in touch with us to explore your options.  

    4. Is 24-carat gold used in the Roman and Persian band?  

    Yes, 24-carat gold is used on the Roman band and Persian motifs glasses. The gold band is inscribed in a way that it can be felt when touched. It is recommended that you do not use harsh detergent or scrub the designs.  

    5. In how many days can I receive the order?  

    All orders are processed and dispatched within one day at Decorati. Expect to receive your order between 5 and 7 business days after it has been placed.    

    6. Do you provide free shipping?  

    Yes, we provide free shipping for PAN India.  

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