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Old fashioned Scotch Whiskey glass Roman Band Red Brown Set of 4

Old fashioned Scotch Whiskey glass Roman Band Red Brown Set of 4

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Decorati Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses are designed to elevate your celebrations. 

Discover a true embodiment of style and sparkling sophistication with Decorati Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses with Craftsmanship Beyond Compare. Designed with 24-carat gold and timeless filigree art, these lowball whiskey/scotch glasses make a remarkable statement that can transform your drinking moments into a blend of finesse and artistry. 

Each glass is a masterpiece as they are handcrafted over a diamond wheel and intervened in royal motifs by our skilled artisans over days. The Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses complement the aromatic experience for a refined experience of sipping your favorite spirits on the rocks. Sold in a set of four, these glasses are a perfect enhancement for your glassware collection.  

Whether you're savoring a fine Scotch whiskey or indulging in your favorite spirits, Decorati Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses add a touch of elegance and make every sip a celebration.  

Design and Art 

Our skilled craftsmen and artisans have hand-blown these old-fashioned low-ball whiskey and scotch glasses, characterized by sturdy, thick bottoms that provide stability and maintain drink temperature. The short height and wide opening allow for easy swirling and nosing. The rim of these glasses comes with a Roman band, featuring traditional motifs that elevate the aesthetic, making this a classic addition to your collection. 

Suitable For: 

Perfect for dinner parties, on-the-rock toasts, or enjoying a neat double scotch, these glasses are sure to impress your guests and leave you on a satisfying note.  

  1. Dinner Parties and Special Celebrations: Add a touch of sophistication to your dinner parties. This timeless piece is sure to make every toast memorable. The etched 24-carat gold and filigree art adds a touch of luxury, making these glasses a fitting choice for anniversaries and weddings. 
  2. On-the-Rock Toasts or Neat Double Scotch: This glassware is designed for those who appreciate the purity and complexity of a liquor and they are ideal for on-the-rocks toasts. The sturdy, thick bottoms ensure stability as you savor your favorite spirits.  
  3. Gifting Excellence: If you are looking for an unforgettable gift, Decorati Old Fashioned Scotch Whiskey Glasses make an excellent choice.  
  4. Enhancing Your Collection: If you appreciate collecting premium glassware, these glasses are a must-have addition. With handcrafted design and an attention to detail that makes it a standout in any glassware collection, this is the choices collection to have. If you take proper care while storing, these will be a perfect hands-down gift for generations to come. 

Dimension and care 

Crafted from high-quality glass/crystalline, each glass measures 10.6 cm x 8 cm and weighs approximately 250 grams. More than just glassware, these glasses are a symbol of refined taste and sophistication. 

Make sure you always handwash them with mild detergent and avoid putting them in the dishwasher. 

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